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We want to create solutions correctly placed onto facade construction for our patients who think of Rhinoplasty. We believe we can overcome your Rhinoplasty problems in your mind together.

Levent Aydar | Rhinoplasty


With the face being the most striking area at first glance, the correction of the disorders in this area is a significant point in terms of aesthetics and psychology. Rhinoplasty operations are performed as much simpler operations compared to the past with the development of medical technology and the use of innovative methods. Rhinoplasty operations can be an important necessity in terms of both aesthetics and health. Worth a healthy breath!

Rhinoplasty (nose aesthetics) is the operation performed to correct the appearance of the nose, which may occur congenitally, may occur due to subsequent traumas, or cause psychological damage to the person.

While deformities cause visual discomfort in some cases, it is possible to cause problems such as respiratory disorders for some people. Such inconveniences must be corrected. Regardless of the purpose of the operation, the primary goal in Rhinoplasty is to make the nasal airway work optimally at the end of the operation.


Rhinoplasty operation is a type of surgery mostly performed under general anesthesia. However, in simple Rhinoplasty operations, local anesthesia can be applied according to the surgeon's preference. The operation process, taking 22 hours on average, usually takes 1 day with the preparations made before and the observation periods made after.

Rhinoplasty surgery has 2 different techniques. The first of these is open Rhinoplasty surgery. In open Rhinoplasty surgery, a small incision is made between the nostrils, and the angle of view of the surgeon is expanded with it. Open Rhinoplasty surgery is preferred for people with severe nasal deformity or having a previous operation. The biggest advantage of this technique is that the surgeon's field of view is wider. In this operation, with a longer recovery period, problems such as edema and bruises are larger.

Another technique is closed Rhinoplasty. In this operation, the incision is applied inside the nostrils. The surgeon's field of view is narrower, but the recovery time is shorter. There is no suture scar after the operation. Closed Rhinoplasty is generally preferred for smaller operations.


One of the reasons for performing nose surgery is the presence of breathing problems due to congenital or subsequent deformities. While deformities causing respiratory problems can prevent not only healthy breathing but also disorders not noticed from the outside can also prevent breathing.

The second reason is that the person is uncomfortable with the appearance of his nose. Conditions such as a curvature or protrusion in the bone part of the nose, deformities observed in the cartilage structure, excessively large nose, and asymmetrical nasal structure are among the reasons that require Rhinoplasty surgery. Personal preferences are at the forefront in applications made with aesthetic concern.

In conclusion, Rhinoplasty operations are very common operations that can be performed for health problems or personal preferences.


Your doctor's advice is very important for a smooth recovery process after nose surgery. However, before the operation is as important as after the operation.

So, what is the pre-operative process like?

  • Before the operation, your anesthesiologist performs your medical health screening and surgical analyzes.
  • Discomforts such as flu, cold, and flu are obstacles to the operation. You should share this information with your doctor for anesthesia control.
  • If you have had nose surgery before, you should definitely tell your doctor. You should share everything with your doctor before surgery.
  • If there are drugs you use, you should tell your doctor during the examination. In the examination of the anesthesiologist, you should inform the anesthesiologist about your complete medications.
  • You should share the medications you use chronically or in the pre-operative period with your doctor who will perform the surgery and your anesthesiologist during the examination.
  • You should not consume blood thinners and foods before the operation. You should stop using blood thinners such as aspirin at least 10 days before. Herbal teas, although rare, can increase bleeding. For this reason, you should not consume herbal teas 10 days before the operation.
  • The menstrual periods of the women who will undergo the operation do not prevent the operation from a medical point of view.
  • If you are a smoker, you must quit before the operation. Smoking delays the healing process.
  • • It is recommended to go to bed early by taking a warm shower in the evening before the surgery.
  • You must have a companion with you on the day of the operation.
  • You should not put on make-up, apply nail polish, use hair spray and gel while entering the surgery.


The pain usually occurs after a Rhinoplasty operation. For this reason, painkillers are given to the patient before the effect of anesthesia wears off. In the next period, you should use the drugs recommended by your doctor regularly. It is not recommended to stand up for 4-6 hours after the surgery is performed. It is normal to observe problems such as dizziness, blackouts, etc. when you first stand up. For this reason, you can get help from your companion.

It is normal to have blood leakage in the nasal cavity after surgery. This bleeding can cause nausea and vomiting when swallowed. For this reason, bloody vomit or black stools from blood may be observed.

If nausea is not observed 6 hours after the surgery, fluid foods such as water, soup, and ayran can be consumed little by little. It is recommended to be fed with liquid foods for the first few days. Swelling and bruising may be observed in the eyes, nose, and certain parts of the face. These bruises will disappear day by day. The pillow used to prevent bleeding should be kept high, water should not be drawn into the nose, and the nose should not be blown for the first 15 days. It is normal for the nose to remain clogged in the postoperative period.

It is not recommended to wear glasses for 6 months to fully achieve the targeted shape after the surgery.

  • Levent Aydar | Rhynoplasty
  • Levent Aydar | Rhynoplasty
  • Levent Aydar | Rhynoplasty


Rhinoplasty is a treatment method that has become widespread recently. It is one of the methods that people who complain about the shape of their nose or have problems with breathing will apply. After the surgical intervention to the patients, deformities or breathing problems are eliminated.

Considering the patient's age, diseases, and nose structure, it is understood whether he is suitable for Rhinoplasty treatment. Preliminary information on this subject is not always valid. The most accurate decision will emerge after the examination to be made. If you have one or more of the problems we have mentioned, we recommend that you get support from your doctor. To make an appointment with Levent Aydar, you can use our online appointment system or contact us through our communication channels.

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As humans, we often pay attention to what others say as well as our own opinions. Our movements happen according to the sensations we hear during the day. Apart from these, we also pay attention to the comments on the works we plan. When we try to shop, probably everyone looks at the comments on the shopping site. Or if you want to go on vacation somewhere, you want to look at the reviews of the place. Because the human brain is programmed to produce answers for everything around its logic. He wants to know and learn what he will encounter in the place where he wants to go on vacation. He wants to feel comfortable there. While these types of comments sometimes work for us, they can often be to our detriment. You have a plan, and that plan is truly perfect for you. However, you may have to change/cancel the plan that will give you pleasure due to the experiences of different people.

There are also many legends among the people. There are many things, such as superstitions, customs, and cultural influences. You can come across such legends everywhere in life. The list goes on like “Walking under a ladder brings bad luck." or "It's bad luck to see a black cat". There is also a myth regarding us here: "They say it deteriorates later on?"

We strive to support our guests in this regard. We want to fix your problems and destroy the myths that have somehow gotten into your life. After successful surgeries, it is impossible that the procedure can’t deteriorate on its own. This is one of the legendary structures among the people. Levent Aydar supports you in overcoming the legendary sensations in your head.

Levent Aydar | Rhynoplasty
Levent Aydar
Levent Aydar
Levent Aydar
Levent Aydar
Levent Aydar
Levent Aydar
Levent Aydar | Rhynoplasty


This is actually an involuntary situation. Some people snore, it does not bother. Some snore and can be heard by anybody living around there. The common problem of all of them is actually because the breath cannot be taken in and out correctly.

Some are aware that they are snoring while others never admit that they are snoring. Their partner, sibling, household, or other people react to them as "you are snoring a lot", but they still do not believe it. We do not think that they do not believe in this issue, but that they are afraid of the process because they think the process to be done is long and arduous.

Unfortunately, most people are uncomfortable with this situation. Snoring is one of the issues completely overcome with medical intervention. With the help of external factors, this issue can be overcome temporarily. Thanks to the nasal strips, snoring is temporarily relieved by opening the airways. However, if you want to benefit from lasting effects, it is useful to contact Levent Aydar.


Applying treatment methods on Rhinoplasty, Levent Aydar continues to bear his patients up for treatment and solve the questions in the mind. Rhinoplasty provides treatment opportunities in many areas, such as filling, mesotherapy, facial filling.

Born in Kilis in 1974, Levent Aydar lived in Kilis until the 3rd grade of primary school. Teacher parents settled in Bergama, Izmir upon the appointment they wanted so that their children could receive a better education. There, he received his primary and secondary education. Later, he won Adana Science High School and completed his high school education there.

If you want to reach more details about Op. Dr. Levent Aydar, we recommend you read the rest of our article. Levent Aydar, specializing in Rhinoplasty, provides service at his own address. You can also make an appointment using online appointments or communication channels to benefit from these services.

Besides Rhinoplasty, you can also get support for treatments, such as filling, face filling, mesotherapy, and sinusitis.

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