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With the advancing age, genetic and environmental factors cause the skin to gradually lose its density and volume as a result of the decrease in the amount of elastin and collagen under the skin. Dermal fillers, providing the correction of deep lines and wrinkles on the skin, can stop the deformations occurring. It is possible to create smoother skin by removing facial sagging and wrinkles.


The facial filler is a cosmetic procedure applied to correct deformations on the face due to gravity, sun damage, and age, and to reshape the face. The materials used in the filler are natural products that are produced in a laboratory environment in order to regain the volume loss on the face. "Hyaluronic Acid" is used in the filler material, which is not of animal origin and is naturally found in all living organisms.

The success rate in filler applications is high. The application can be done in a short time with local anesthetic creams.


Face filler is done to correct the deformities and wrinkles occurring on our face with aging and to shape the face. With aging, especially in the cheek areas, sagging and collapse can cause a tired appearance. With the right processes, this image can be eliminated.


The filler, most commonly used in the face area, can be applied to the wrinkles on the face. At the same time, the filler can be used in the process of correcting a hook nose, lifting and shaping the nose. The filler is a frequently used application for lip enhancement, thickening, and correction. If it is necessary to sort the regions where the filler can be used,

  • Upper cheek and tear trough
  • Forehead area
  • Lip edge lines
  • Nose
  • Jaw
  • Lower jawlines
  • Eyebrows (to give volume).

The facial filler is the process of giving a substance compatible with the body to tissue, giving volume to the tissue, and eliminating wrinkles. The facial filler should be performed under clinical conditions with special coolers. The applied procedure is carried out by injecting the filler into the appropriate tissue layer with very thin and special-tipped cannulas. Slight redness and swelling may occur at the end of the application, but it completely returns to normal within 2-3 hours.

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While applying the facial filler process, the primary goal is to preserve the natural appearance. The purpose of the operation is to interfere with the unwanted image. No attempt is made to mimic or facial lines in the procedure. Therefore, it is impossible for any change to occur in the natural facial appearance of the patient. Dull facial expression is not observed in facial filler. The eyebrows can be lifted after a filler procedure to eliminate the wrinkles on the forehead. A change never occurs in the operation of the forehead muscles. This process is just sending a filler under the skin. The same principle is followed in the lip filler. The natural appearance of the lips is preserved, but the fullness which is desired is gained and the satisfaction of the patient is ensured.


In the facial filler process, which is very easy for the patient to be applied, the patient is first examined. During the examination, the patient should fully explain their expectations. A process plan is prepared according to the analysis of the area to be applied. How much filler will be used and which areas will be filled are planned. In the application process, anesthetic cream is applied to where the application will be made to numb. Thus, the patient does not feel the injection needle. The filler is injected under the skin with a needle and the process is completed. The patient can continue his daily life after the application.

Yüz Dolgusu | Levent Aydar

Before the face filling procedure, blood thinners such as aspirin should not be used for a week. Alcohol should not be consumed before the procedure.


After the facial filler procedure, green tea should not be consumed for 2 hours. At least 2 hours after the procedure, the skin can be washed, and it can be showered. Procedures such as massage should not be applied to the skin without the approval of your doctor, and on the first day, you should lie on your back, if it is possible, on a high pillow. After the facial filler process, plenty of water should be consumed.


Patients should first pay attention to the choice of the physician while having a face filler application. Facial filler application is more than an injection process. Therefore, the choice of physician is important. The injection is a technical job, but for the procedures applied to the face, the physician should have a good grasp of the facial anatomy and the aesthetic proportions of the face. For this reason, the physician performing the face filler should be an experienced specialist in facial aesthetics.

The filler material used is also one of the other significant points. The material used is very important for the safety of the patients and the permanence of the filler. Before the operation, the patient should request information from his doctor about the brand reliability of the filler material to be used.


After the facial filler process, a visible difference will be observed instantly. One week after the procedure, the filler material provides a more aesthetic appearance by spreading to the applied area. Depending on the quality of the material used, there is a permanence of 6 to 18 months. It provides skin regeneration in the applied area. Therefore, even if the filler effect wears off, the skin quality will be better than before.


Although it is very rare, an allergic reaction to the filler may occur. In this case, redness and swelling are observed. In addition, unwanted images can be seen because of incorrect applications such as asymmetry, excessive filling, Lymphedema (swelling without redness) because of pressure, and vascular compression due to excessive filling application with tissue loss. For this reason, it is recommended to have the facial filler application done by a specialist physician.


It is possible to intervene in incorrect filler applications made by experienced and specialist physicians. In case of asymmetry and excessive plumping that develops with an incorrect procedure, it can be returned to its original state by instantly dissolving the substance with hyaluronidase. When tissue loss happens, that area needs to be reconstructed.


As with every procedure, the facial filler also has disadvantages. The disadvantage of the facial filler is that the result is temporary. A non-surgical application provides a result of 12-18 months. Another disadvantage is that the side effects occurring due to the application can be seen as in every medical procedure. The incidence of these side effects is very low.


Today, with the advancing technology, materials more compatible with the skin and staying under the skin for a longer time are used. Hyaluronic acid used in the facial filler is one of them. Since it is compatible with the tissue, this filler, eliminating problems such as allergic reactions, initiates the regeneration process in the skin.

With the filler application, minor roughness and problems on the skin can disappear naturally. The facial filler is preferred by patients as it initiates the restructuring process in the skin. This procedure, offering a natural rejuvenation, provides nourishment to the skin with hyaluronic acids.