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Factors such as aging, stress, sun effects, smoking, air pollution, and menopause that occur over time in humans increase the production of free radicals at the cell level and increase wrinkles on the skin. Over years, aging is, of course, inevitable, but it is in the hands of the people to reduce and delay its effects.

One of these delay processes is the filler process. The filler is a non-surgical application to remove medium and deep wrinkles. Every person wants to keep and feel young. The filler is one of the most used methods for this.


The filler is a medical protein obtained from the bacterium, Clostridium Botulinum. This protein has actually been used in the treatment of eye and neurological diseases for a long time. In order to remove wrinkles, it has started to take part in the use of cosmetics successfully for 10 years.

Since it is a non-surgical application, this method is frequently used in men and women.

The filler is one of the most reliable and easiest ways to remove wrinkles and fine lines on the face. No cutting takes place in the filler application. The person who is treated does not feel any pain. He can continue his work from where he left off on the same day.

The filler, popular in terms of aesthetics, is also applied for medical purposes. It is also widely used in the treatment of excessive sweating, migraine pains, teeth grinding, or muscle disorders.

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One of the reasons for performing the filler application is to reduce the wrinkles and lines becoming evident on our faces with aging in cosmetic dermatology. It is also used to relieve excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis), which can be seen more frequently in some people. In neurology, it is applied in the treatment of spastic muscle problems and eye diseases such as strabismus.

Filler has both therapeutic and protective features. It ensures that the lines settled on the face are completely opened over the years, as well as the lines that have not yet settled on the face but become clear with repetitive muscle movements, without deepening. In addition, it terminates excessive sweating with its blocking effect on sweat glands.


Botox application is often used to remove wrinkles on the face and to treat armpit sweats. Filler application, with both therapeutic and protective properties, provides recovering of the lines settled on the face over the years. It also stops excessive sweating by blocking the sweat glands.

  • In areas with intense wrinkles and fine lines on the face,
  • Vertical lines appearing on the neck with aging,
  • Around the mouth.
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With the effect of aging, lines are formed as a result of the contraction of the mimic muscles on the forehead, around the eyes, between the eyebrows, on the sidewall of the nose, on the lip, around the mouth, and on the neck skin. The lines on the eyebrows and the sidewalls of the nose give an angry facial expression; while the lines around the eyes and on the forehead cause an old and tired expression, we encounter a sad expression as a result of the lines around the mouth. With the filler application, tired, angry, and sad facial expressions are eliminated by temporarily stopping the mimic muscles in these areas of the face.

The filler process should be carried out by experienced specialists dominating the facial muscles. Slight burning and pain may be felt in the injected area. This pain is not severe. After the procedure, that area should not be rubbed so that it does not spread to the surrounding muscles.

The filler process called Nefertiti Lift is aimed to remove the chin and necklines. This method, named after the Egyptian queen Nefertiti, aims to tighten the jaw and necklines by tightening them.


The person who wants to have the filler process should share his expectations and concerns with his doctor. Your doctor will provide the appropriate treatment by sharing the result you will get with the treatment. Each patient has their own muscle structure and skin characteristics. Your doctor will apply the filler process according to your structure.

Before the procedure, the cream is applied to provide local anesthesia. Considering the person's muscle structure, injections are made with very fine-tipped needles. Treatment usually takes between 10 and 15 minutes. The applied drug is effective only in the injected area. It has no effect on the general circulation.


The life of the filler may vary according to the applied area, the person, and the dose used. In general, the duration of the filler process covers a period of 4 to 6 months. After the second application, its effect is prolonged. For the longer effect of the filler, the person should have at least 5-6 sessions of filler in the same area.


Before the procedure, drugs containing aspirin-derived chemicals and vitamin E should not be used as they will increase the rate of bruising and swelling. The filler should not be applied to people with neuromuscular system diseases (such as Eaton-Lambert Syndrome, Myastheniagravis), pregnant and breastfeeding women.


The effect of the filler process varies according to the person applied. Its permanence changes over a period of 4 to 8 months. If you attend and care for the sessions regularly, the permanence time will increase. Side effects usually go away on their own in a short time after the injection.

There are some points to be considered after the filler. It may be necessary to pay attention to these points for the filler process to be permanent.

  • Mimic movements should be avoided for at least 4 hours after the filler process.
  • It is very important to keep the area applied the filler hygienic and not to exert too much pressure while cleaning.
  • Sports should not be done on the day having applied the procedure.
  • It is recommended to apply ice after filler and to lie on your back if it is possible.

As long as it is applied by experts, there is no harm in the filler process. After the application, slight brightss and bruising may occur on the skin. In addition, mild pain and soreness may occur.